It’s a vexing question to anyone with a well-loved sofa: how do you decide whether to buy a new sofa, recover your existing Corner Sofa or prized Chippendale, or opt for a loose cover?

We all know the scenario: you really love your sofa, it’s a unique design and well-worn comfortable – plus, it perfectly fits the space it occupies. But you’ve had it for many years and the fabric is worn out and shabby.

Or maybe your sofa’s in an okay-condition but you’ve revamped your living room and you want a revamped sofa that matches the new look.

Let’s examine the long-sat-upon-sofa aficionado’s options…


If the structure of your existing sofa is intact (the seating and back still offering good support), you might consider a “sofa recovery”. This entails stripping the old fabric from the sofa and replacing it with new fabric. You can choose from a variety of materials or leathers that better complement your revamped room.

You can also opt to order new cushion fillings to improve the comfort of the sofa. At Style and Comfort, we offer a wide range of cushion fillings – from foam and feather wraps to feathers and down, which provide different types of support and comfort.


A loose cover offers the same benefits as a sofa recovery but without replacing the old fabric. This is while delivering the additional convenience of being removable for washing – though you are advised to follow the instructions, as many fabrics are dry-cleaned only. This means your sofa can be kept cleaner and fresher for longer.

Although cheaper than buying a new sofa, a loose cover is marginally more expensive than recovering a sofa. This is because a loose cover usually requires more time and expertise from our skilled upholsterers and seamstresses.


At Style and Comfort we feel your sofa angst: you are attached to your Leather Chesterfield, Chaise Longue or Classic Round Arm Sofa; maybe your sofa or settee has sentimental value, or it’s a high-quality piece and would be difficult to be replaced.

Maybe your lifestyle has changed but your sofa, bless, hasn’t kept up.

Perhaps the seating and back of your Chaise Longue no longer offers the same support. Or maybe you’d love to transform your sofa into a bigger or smaller seater for an increased or decreased number of family backsides.

In this case, a full reupholstery – stripping down the sofa to the structure and rebuilding it from the frame up – is for you.

It’s a great cathartic option. New stuffing and padding will be used, with new springs and webbing (depending on the original construction and state of the original materials). Our expert reupholsterers will then recover your sofa with your choice of new fabric, and if needed we’ll also provide new cushion stuffings. This will improve the comfort of your sofa, and you can choose a firmer or softer filling, depending on your preference.

This option will also considerably reduce the waiting time and cost compared to buying a similar quality sofa.

Regardless of your choice, your sofa will look and feel as comfortable as new.

If you want to radically transform the design and style of your sofa, reinvigorating the quality of its structure and design, get in touch with us for a consultation about our services.